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Tonga 2 Linux Change History

2010-06-02 Changes

- Kernel updated to 2.6.34 release
- New NAND driver fixes several bugs and increases performance.
- USB support is enabled as well as HID and storage drivers in kernel.
- Improved support for serial ports
- Kernel image LZO compressed now (decompresses faster)
- New default partition layout leaves more space for larger kernels
  and makes the whole NAND flash available per default
- Touchscreen driver fixed to support larger displays properly

- U-Boot updated to 2010.03 release
- Changing the MAC address in U-Boot is possible now
- UBIFS support
- New NAND driver
- Updated default partition layout 

NOTES: The OOB and partition layout has changed, you cannot use filesystems 
       flashed with some of the the old U-Boot releases.
       Do not worry about bad error messages if you start your updated
       U-Boot - they will go away once you have installed a kernel image
       and saved the environment once.
       If you do have the environment from an old U-Boot in flash you
       might need to change the boot command to this:
       setenv bootcmd nand read 0x40600000 0x80000 0x300000 \; bootm 0x40600000

       The USB performance is still quite limited as well as support for many devices.
       The USB host driver is still work in progress.

You can get a tar archive using the "snapshot" link on top of the page.